Below is a simple comparison of 

Intuit  vs Payment Jack for processing 

your mobile credit card transactions

Mobile phone credit card processing


Q: Will any cellular phone/device work with Payment Jack Services?
A: No. The phone must have a Data Plan, and it needs to be able to access the internet. In addition, you should check the “Compatibility
List” on the Payment Jack section of the Partner Resource Center (located in the AMPlify Portal) to make sure that a specific mobile phone
can work with the Payment Jack Service. As new phones and technologies are constantly being introduced, ROAMpay (our Mobile Service
Provider) does its due diligence in testing new phones as they are released.
Every phone utilizes different hardware. Sometimes a Carrier changes certain models of phones to fit the specific needs of their networks.
These changes can sometimes prevent the Swipe Device from working. The Application is functional on ALL Android O.S., version 2.2
Other popular phonesinclude:
– Blackberry: Education is key to ensuring that a Blackberry will function with Payment Jack. Blackberry devices were never intended
to work with Applications, unlike Android and iPhone models. Within minutes, we have had great success in getting merchants and
Partners up and running with Blackberry phones. Be sure to speak to your merchant about planning for 15 minutes of training
for Blackberry devices.
– Android 4G: Most 4G phones have dual-core processors, which creates an issue with the battery. Dual-core processors use so
much of the phone’s constant power that it takes away from the ability to operate the Swipe Device.
Q: How can I get my merchant set up with Payment Jack?
A: There are 2 options for signing up for Payment Jack. For either option you can find the application documents in the Partner Resource
Center, or by calling our Payment Jack Support Group at 1-888-368-1725 for assistance.
a. The Adding Payment Jack Option should be used when adding Payment Jack services to a new or existing merchant account
that will utilize both Payment Jack and another point of sale processing device (e.g. a Hypercom T4100/T4220 terminal, a
Nurit 8000 GPRS terminal, or their existing point of sale terminal, Free Placement or merchant-supplied).
b. The Stand-Alone Option should be utilized when a new or existing merchant will only be using the Payment Jack service.
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Q: How do I know whether the account will be Retail (Card-Present) or MOTO (Card-Not-Present)?
A: If the merchant’s cellular device is compatible with the Payment Jack Card Swipe Device, the account can be boarded as Retail (Card
Present). If the merchant’s cellular device is only compatible with the Payment Jack Application and not the Card Swipe Device, the account
will need to be boarded as MOTO (Card-Not-Present).
Q: Is there a cost for the Payment Jack Application to be downloaded to a merchant’s phone? If so, what is it?
A: There is no longer any cost assessed to a merchant for downloading the Payment Jack Application. We, as a processor, absorb that cost.
Q: Does Payment Jack utilize an Electronic Signature?
A: Yes! Payment Jack utilizes what is called “Signature Capture,” meaning that the signature is captured electronically on the screen,
eliminating the need for a physical receipt.
Q: Does Payment Jack work with an external printer for physical receipts?
A: No. While this service should be available in 2012, it is not currently an option for any merchant working with Payment Jack. Customers
working with a Payment Jack merchant will receive an emailed copy of their receipt, which will be input at the time of sale. If a merchant
absolutely needs to supply their customers with physical statements, then we recommend the use of a “knuckle buster” or manual
imprinter, which they can have customers sign, and receive a carbon copy, or else print a copy from their desktop computer. For
information on purchasing a manual imprinter, go to the “Payment Jack” section of the Partner Resource Center.
Q: How does a merchant know that they have been approved for their Payment Jack account?
A: We always send merchants a Welcome Kit, which includes a copy of the original Merchant Application, as well as information on Payment
Jack and their Card Swipe Device (if applicable). In addition, before our Welcome Kit arrives, the merchant will receive an approval
email directly from Payment Jack, which serves as the initial confirmation.
Q: Will PIN-Based Debit and EBT work on the Payment Jack service?
A: PIN-Based Debit and EBT are not available on the Payment Jack service because the proper encryption capabilities do not exist on
mobile phone devices.
Q: Is Retail Tip available on the Payment Jack service?
A: Yes! Merchants can add a tip to transaction amounts. This option is similar to “Tip During Sale,” and allows the merchant to specify a tip
when entering the total transaction amount; this is not to be adjusted, but entered at the time of sale.
Q: Can Payment Jack be used as a merchant retention tool?
A: Yes! For existing merchants who feel that the monthly costs for their current merchant account are too high, Payment Jack may be a
viable option for them at only $10 monthly, plus processing fees