Below is a simple comparison of 

Intuit  vs Payment Jack for processing 

your mobile credit card transactions

Mobile phone credit card processing



My final overview is:

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

While QuickBooks Payments doesn’t have its own BBB page separate from Intuit’s profile, you can find a number of complaints directed the company’s payment process service there. In fact, I’d say an unusually high proportion of Intuit’s BBB complaints are directed at GoPayment, considering how many other popular services they offer (QuickBooks, Quicken, Turbo Tax, etc.). If you read through some of the most recently complaints, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Confusing and undisclosed rates:This complaint seems to be on the downtrend thanks to Intuit’s new fee and rate schedule. Good news!
  • Holds and freezes: It’s disappointing to see this with Intuit, since added account stability should be a draw here (compared to aggregating mobile processors). You can do your part to prevent these issues by following the advice we provide.
  • Long hold times for customer service:Many users have reported less than stellar customer service, including unacceptably long hold time for unhelpful service.
  • Having account upgraded without request:This fairly strange complaint came up enough times to warrant mention. A handful of merchant complain that they signed up for the basic, pay-as-you-go-option, but found out later they were being billed according to the upgraded monthly fee option. When they contact Intuit, the company has been unwilling to issue refunds. While this could be a matter of user error, you should be on the look out.
  • Difficulty canceling:Many don’t realize that in order to cancel, you’ll have to fax or mail a formal cancellation request. For some, completing and following up with this has led to longer than desired waits for cancellation.


Final Verdict:

I’m slowly warming up to Intuit QuickBooks Payments and GoPayment. I’ve seen this company make some really sensible changes and advancements over the past year, and am hopeful for their future. If you really love the QuickBooks interface and like the idea of brand loyalty, this could be a great option for your payment processing needs. With online invoicing, a powerful mobile app, e-check acceptance, and absolutely ideal QuickBooks bookkeeping integration, there are certainly some noteworthy draws for QB Payments.

But given the account expense, I think you can get better value elsewhere, and probably better support as well. Payment Jack offers lower rates, better customer service and more features as well as the option to upgrade to a landline or wireless terminal at no cost.